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RDS Offset Is Real

RDS Pistol Offset
A micro example of pistol offset.

See these pics? They are of bullets crashing into the tops of VTAC barricades. And you want to know who is responsible? 


RDS Pistol Offset
Lower irons would have showing me an occluded sight picture.

Sucks to write that. But this is my personal attempt to learn through failure. And highlighting my failure, with you the reader, is a way to reenforce that lesson so it sticks. 

So what happened?

Simple. User error. For 30 years I have been used to running irons on pistols. I know what I can get away with concerning barricades and corners. 

RDS Pistol Offset
This is basically the sight picture that gets me in trouble.

I also know better when it comes to offset and red dots. We all shoot ARs. But during this pistol session, I mentally reverted back to what I could get away with using irons. Why? I was shooting “drills”, not focusing on the gun. Which is a good thing. 

But…it has revealed a HUGE training scar and a fuckup. Right now it’s entirely probable that I could end up sending rounds into a wall instead of some bad guy’s ass. 

How many rounds is a bad guy going to spot me before putting return fire right back into my face? Not a pleasant thought. 

RDS Pistol Offset
A micro example of pistol offset.

The takeaway. VTAC work with pistol red dots just became my number one pistol training priority for the next few weeks. 100% successful first shots through VTACs and 100% successful transition shots through VTACs is now my full time job. 


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