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Rifle Shooting Position Retaining Wall
Retaining wall finished.

We have mostly been shooting precision rifles from under the shelter. And with that, I have neglected to admin a problem at the main Rifle Shooting Position: Mud. 

You see, from this location, we get two specific conditions which are useful for rifles. 

  1. The 100.00 yard target stand sits horizontal from this location. 
  2. The 200, 300, 450 and 500 targets are placed exactly at the distances they are labeled from this spot. 

And while shooting from a bench has always been possible, prone shooting has gotten a little-bit messy with the mud sliding off the hill. 

So today was the day to fix that. 

Scrape all the surface mud off the deck. Dig out and install a small retaining wall. Re-gravel the entire deck. 

As the rock settles and some rain comes through, I expect to lay a little more gravel over the next week or two. And then it all should be stable. 

Final note: ideally I would have liked to put railroad ties as the retaining wall here. But all we have on the range currently is a load of gavel and this stone. And with the COVID-19 shutdown, we are not allowing outside vendors on site. 

This should be fine. 






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