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HP Ammo Expansion Display

Hollow Point Expansion Display. ATK.
Winchester T-Series 147g 9mm. Heavy Clothing.

I took these pics some years ago at a PD training facility. What you are looking at is a display of various HP bullets and how they performed during various testing. 

Hollow Point Expansion Display. ATK.
The fully display from ATK LE Division.

Some of them are labeled as shot into auto glass. While others are labeled as heavy clothing. 

The black boxes are agency labels which I have removed. The agency is the customer, not the maker or seller or tester. 

Looking back, I wish I had taken hi-resolution images of each bullet. But I wasn’t there to dilly-dally and needed to keep moving. It was  training event. 

There is small chance I could be back at this facility. And if the display is still there, I will endeavor to get the reader better photos. 






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