ROLEX Replacement Bezel

Rolex Bezel Replacement 

After 24 years of daily use, I have finally acquiesced and replaced the bezel on my GMT Master II Rolex. 1997 production (when I bought it).

My watch guy isn’t the biggest fan of me shooting while wearing the watch, but when I explain this watch has been a part of everything I have done for over 20 years: Shooting, fighting, courtrooms, skydiving, flying, traveling, oceans, showering, etc. He knows he has lost the argument. 

Rolex Replacement Bezel

I guess I am kinda shocked. I didn’t even remember the watch being this red. 😉

Now that COVID is over, I expect much more traveling this year. The bezel helps greatly with keeping track of destination, office-armory, and staff time zones. All of which is more effective when I can actually read the bezel. 

We all understand it’s the watch collectors that keep companies like Rolex in business. And you folks will always get preferential treatment from the front-of-the-house / C-suites types at corporate. You pay the bills and fly the flag for the brand. But…in your heart of hearts, we both know the company engineers and service guys like my watch better. 

ROLEX Replacement Bezel

Rolex GMT Master II Bezel replacement after 24 years.

So here’s to you, Watch Nerds. And 24 more years of making you sweat. 





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