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Beretta – Loquacious Likes The D

Beretta 92D - loquacious
The Beretta 92D and why you should buy one.

Before you watch this video, I want to confess something. I am a hypocrite. Not now. Now tomorrow. Not yesterday. But forever and apparently always.  

Lost? Let me explain. 

You can have zero doubt that many moons ago, a young Marky when handed a PD issued DAO Beretta, would have turned his nose up and said something disparaging about the command staff or training cadre, of said police department. 


“A DAO gun?

With a long, heavy trigger pull?

In the pea-shooter, 9mm caliber?

What kind of dumb, Fudd thought this was a good idea?”

Well…with lots of experience, skill, and accomplishment under my belt, I have become the very thing I criticized. Which begs the question: Was I wrong then, or wrong now? 

When in doubt, the answer is always just, “yes”. That’s how the universe works, right? Some call it humility. Others call it divine justice. My Mom might have called it syrup of Ipecac.

So…to the unknown training cadre and command staff who have long since retired and moved on to more glorious pursuits. 

I am humbled and chastened it took over 30 years of shooting and personal growth to recognize the genius of the D. 






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