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SCAR 20s – An Up close View

SCAR-20. First Impressions.

So I finally got a chance to handle an honest-to-goodness FNH SCAR-20s rifle. And here are my initial observations:

  • The Geiselle trigger is a significant upgrade.
  • The rifle does seem much heaver than one would assume.
  • The 20s stock does NOT fold, but is significantly more ergonomic than a 17s.
  • The rifle twist is 1:12 which most US users consider slow. 
  • The muzzle device is a flash hider not the typical SCAR muzzle break. 
  • Adjusting gas setting is a non-issue with extended upper. 
  • The barrel does have SIX locking points. 
  • I still think it’s expensive.

Right off the bat, I am a SCAR guy. But it is no secret I believe FNH is setting the MSRP too high on the 17 & 20.  But it’s a one-off design. So they can get away with it for a while. 

But on the price front, I want to give FN some well earned props on something. The trigger. The owner of this 20 previously owned a SCAR-17. The same some featured on this website many, many times. One thing he had done was upgrade the factory trigger with the shootingsight.com RPS SCAR trigger. 

That trigger was great. It was reliable. It was crisp. And it was a nice upgrade that lasted for thousands of rounds on the SCAR-17. With zero issues. But something is immediately clear when I started fiddling with the SCAR-20:

The Geiselle trigger that comes factory standard on the SCAR-20’s is noticeably better. Not even debatable. And I have always looked at the price of Geiselle’s triggers with a jaundiced eye. But in this case, whatever you can find a Geiselle’s Super SCAR trigger for price wise, mentally deduct that number from the MSRP on the SCAR-20. It’s a dollar-for-dollar tradeoff. 




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