I have a lot of respect for James (Mad Dog) Mattis. He was an excellent choice for Secretary of Defense at a time 2 years ago when there was a glaring need to reorganize the US Military that had been virtually abandoned by the anti-Military Obama Regime. Mattis’ talents in the areas of logistics, organization, and manpower allocation were sorely needed and he did a great job.

Syria Battle Space Map October 2018

But, there were things that people were concerned about when Mattis was appointed Secretary.

His statements prior to his appointment and in hearings showed a glaring lack of interest and knowledge of various areas of the world and the problems they presented to US Security. He failed to understand any of Israel’s security concerns, believed the Kurds were all good Turks and knew virtually nothing that differentiates the Kurds in Iraq from the Iraqi Arabs. He saw nothing wrong with Erdoğan’s policies, undervalued the China threat, and was a 100% fan of Europe’s position on a lot of matters from Russia to the Middle East as if locked into a Cold War mentality.

US Forces in Northern Syria late 2017-2018

So, I value his expertise and the job he did in the past 2 years. But I won’t miss him.

Some of you have read or remember reading “THE PETER PRINCIPLE”. Mattis may be a good example.




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