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SCAR Aftermarket Trigger: 1500 Rounds Later

The unit looks professionally made fro sure.

A while back I did a quick post about a friends SCAR-17 rifle. In particular I discussed a aftermarket trigger he installed that wasn’t Geissele. That is of note since it seems like Geissele has become the, “Gold Standard” for high quality precision triggers. In the tactical world anyway. And..they command, “made of solid gold” prices to go with that reputation.

He decided to skip that and purchase a trigger from the folks over at shootingsight.com. He liked the quality. He liked the price. And being a PhD metallurgists, he spoke at length with the pointy-head guys over at ShootingSight about all kinds of pointy-head kinds of things. A handshake was extended, money was exchanged, and this Scar Adjustable 2-Stage Trigger was installed.

Why is this coming up now?

It just so happens that we just returned from an annual 1000 yard training and said SCAR-17 was present. Metal Doc was ringing steel out to 760 yards, with 6 minutes of wind dialed on his scope, and scoring consistent hits.

When he was done, I happened to notice the trigger. Which I had forgotten all about. Out of curiosity I inquired how many rounds he had though the trigger since install? A quick check of his logs showed over 1500 rounds of hand loaded, 175g, Sierra Match Kings across this trigger.

Not a single problem has ever been logged. Not a single peccadillo has ever been observed. It’s worked in Texas heat and below zero cold. Is it better than a Geissele? I can’t answer that. Metal Doc seems pretty happy with his SCAR-17 trigger. He’s DEFIANTLY gotten his money out of it.

Here are photos taken just after the 760 yard shooting for those interested.



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