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SCCY Pocket Rocket

Recently while working on some steel, a local shooter asked if he could join the fun. He was an older gentleman who quickly produced 3 or 4 pistols. One of which I wasn’t familiar with. A small, double-action-only (DAO) pistol called SCCY (Pronounced sky).

It turns out the SCCY pistol was new to this particular owner (and me), and he was having some issues getting comfortable with the DAO trigger. There was some uncertainty about the sights possibly being off. Well, I volunteered to be the crash-test-dummy and take it for a whirl!

The SCCY pistol shot a smidgen high with this ammo, but mechanically was zero’d. Three misses. Which isn’t bad considering one, I don’t shoot DAO that much. Two, I don’t shoot pocket rockets. And Three, I had never seen one before today.

Pocket rockets aren’t my thing, but if you are going to carry one, it’s your responsibility to know how it shoots at multiple distances. This includes ID’ing your maximum, personal ability.

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