Vepr 12 Slugs for Deer

A curious reader wanted to know more about shooting deer with the Vepr 12. This may seem odd to some, but not all states are “rifle states”. Some limit you to shotguns for deer. Here are some photos Freeze and I took last fall getting his Vepr 12 ready for deer season. At the time, the Vepr was just planned as a “fun backup”. Read that as an excuse to shoot it with deer slugs. But during confirmed zeroing, his Mossberg shotgun scope finally gave up the ghost, and there just wasn’t enough time to fix the situation before opening day.

As I recall, these shots were taken at 75 yards down at Mitchell Range. Easily connecting for a heart-lung shot on deer. As would later prove to be that case.

Here is a link to Freeze mounting his TRS-25 RDS.

Here is a link to our Scott Mayer doing a bench-review of the Vepr.

Here is a link to Freeze’s 11-Point Deer he took with the Vepr in late 2015.

Photo showing hits and the Vepr 12 paint scheme.

Photo showing hits and the Vepr 12 paint scheme.


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