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Shiloh Sharps Shooting Block

Foam Shooting Block
Turn it on the side.

While shooting the Sharps rifle for the first time, not having an appropriate set of sticks or rest for this rifle really became an issu


Now I could have bought something traditional, but I didn’t want to be locked into one use case / rifle. In comes the foam shooting block. Having seen these for a few years, I kept it in the back of my mind as a maybe for rare or collectible rifles around here. 

Foam Shooting Block
Markings: Because all the Sharps guys want to see the markings.

It won’t mar the finish, doesn’t weigh anything, but is “adjustable” enough for rear bag use.

Now for the keeping it real part: This is not an endorsement or review. I literally haven’t shot with it. Yet. So what does that mean? We bought it. It seemed cool. After it arrived, the concept still seems viable.

Stay tuned. 







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