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Shooters Global Shot Timer.
Shooters Global Shot Timer.

I have somewhat of a confession. I get set in my ways. Why change something that isn’t broken? And in the case of the Shooter’s Global Timer, that was kind of my approach. 

Initially we used it with displaying time’s on shooting videos. But we had the bluetooth lose connection while doing a 35 yard challenge. That kinda put me off at the time. So I stopped using it. 

Shooters Global Shot Timer.
Three buttons

Fast forward to the Gemtech Integra project and suddenly I need a timer that can record suppressed shots reliably. Knowing the SG Timer has some suppressed pre-sets, and easily adjustable sensitivity settings, I pulled it out and started using it again. 

But this time NOT using the attached app. 

Shooters Global Shot Timer.
The nice thing is it’s menu driven so the learning curve is VERY low. Unlike the PACT timer.

My feelings on the timer have really come around. Without futzing with the bluetooth connection, I found the SG Timer super easy to use, effective and versatile. It even records dry-fire times very easily with airsoft presets. 


Right now, I am looking at ditching the PACT timer and just running this thing going forward. And once I get used to that, maybe I will revisit the SG App situation. But as a regular, live range, timer; it works great!






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