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Switching To the SG Timer 

Shooters Global Shot Timer
Suppressed Rifle Shot Timer Test

Suppressed Shot Timer Test

As we have alluded to in some other posts, we have a need to run AR’s for about 6 months. Well…that opened up the desire to get the integrally suppressed Gemtech Integra on the line. Which then opens up the need to get a timer to reliably measure the sound. 

I have run a PACT timer for almost 20 years and it has been fine. But if someone solicited critical feedback, I would offer it can be clumsy to adjust and isn’t intuitive beyond basic timing work. 

What I mean by that is I don’t typically adjust it enough to recall how to adjust it without having to dig out the manual. But I can tell you it has never been suppressor friendly for me. So the Integra opens up a whole can of worms when working with a PACT timer. Meaning missed shot times. Again…at least for me. 

Enter the Shooter’s Global timer. When we first got it, I did find all of the options to be a little over whelming. But once you understand the logic of how it is setup, adjustments become very easy. This is made even more so since it is literally menu driven. If you can read, can push up-down-select buttons, there is no reason to get lost in this timer. 

Additionally the user can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone, the volume of the beep, timer and par settings quickly. And when in doubt, there are some presets that come in quite handy to get started: Suppressed 308 & air-soft (read dry fire) being two of them. 

After this test and playing with the timer some more in The Armory, I have decided to leave the PACT timer behind and just use this going forward. 

Let’s see what happens. 






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