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SRO – Duracell Battery Change

Duracell 2032 Batteries
I date my batteries. Make it easier to collect data.

Battery died on the SRO. Which happens. And was actually planned for. If you might recall, I wanted to see what drop dead battery life looks like with a Duracell 2032 in a SRO. 

Wilson EDC X9L
The Wilson EDC X9L daily CCW gun.

Additionally it should be noted that I do not use the auto-dim setting on the SRO. I continually adjust the dot brightness based on the day’s or evening’s conditions. 

For example in the AM, I check the dot, look out the window and determine a best setting for that day’s lighting conditions. If those conditions change during the day, I will adjust. 

Duracell 2032 Batteries
I date my batteries. Make it easier to collect data.

I also make it a point to admin the gun maybe once or twice a day to check the status of things. It’s during this admin process I will confirm or adjust the red dot as needed. 

One should note that if we are having a full blast, bright sunny day, that is what I set the dot levels to deal with. Better to have a crazy bright dot than a dot you can barely see in an emergency. 

But if I know I am going to be spending most of the day in the office (armory), I will just set the dot to an indoor friendly setting and leave it there. Should I need to leave, in the process of grabbing my keys, wallet, etc; I admin the dot to deal with brightest conditions outside. 

Lube the o-ring.
Trijicon said we should lube the battery o-ring. So I did using this teflon lube. We’ll see if I regret that.

Now…if you are still reading this, congratulations! That’s six agonizing paragraphs of some schmo talking about his little LED light. Compelling reading wasn’t it? (Sic)

However, there is more to it….

Red dot companies usually publish battery life stats based on maximum efficiency and auto-brightness feature of their dot. You can see from the top 6 paragraphs, we don’t live like that. 

So…I wanted to see what drop-dead battery life looks like for my SRO, with a Duracell 2032, and my use case. Right now that looks like 3 months and 10 days. 

Plan accordingly. 






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