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Remington 870 Shorty Shotgun

These shorty shotguns have been making a comeback since the 2017 SHOT show. At least in force since then. They were quite popular in the 80’s but as the AR rifle started to dominate LEO circles, the shorty started to fade quite a bit.

What do I think? This is going to sound like a cop-out, but they can have a place in the working world. Best tool for the job? I’m not so sure. As someone who has actually spent a significant amount of my career ACTUALLY fighting in and around cars, as opposed to taking classes teaching “theory”, the shorty is an interesting option.

But understand my perspective. When I talk about fighting around cars, I sure as $hit am not talking about shooting things 25-50 meters away. That’s gun-school-cool-guy hokey crap. I am talking about contact distances to a max of about 10 feet.

Why 10 feet? Because at 10 feet, I have a lot more options like running, ducking behind a car**, stomping the long-skinny-pedel on the right. But…I really enjoy what a standard capacity 9mm brings to that fight these days. 15-17-19-21 rounds punching in and around cars is A LOT of firepower. A LOT! And you can do it one handed***.

**Yeah. Funny how everyone on the internet talks $hit about how cars aren’t cover but out in the real world everyone goes diving behind cars as soon as the shooting starts. Myself included. Whatever, dude.

***Yeah. Funny how everyone on the internet $hit talking shooting handguns one handed gets into a armed fist-fight and every one is done one handed. Whatever, dude.

The shorty shotgun? Very old school. And old school is in since people want to look back at the “old coots” and pretend they are all Yoda’s. Sure. Sure. Some. But what I do know…

A bunch of civilians are going to run out and buy these things and realize they ain’t as fun to run as your SEAL TEAM 47 MK1000 AR rifle. And one day…they will start to turn up on the secondary market as used, but factory original. And priced accordingly.

You go first. I’ll buy yours later.

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