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SHS 08: Dutch Maastricht-Beaumont Model 1871/88

Dutch Maastricht-Beaumont Model 1871/88

What we have here is an old, military, black powder rifle manufactured in 1878. 

The original model 1871 but was then later upgraded to the 1888 pattern. Making this a Model 1871/88.

Caliber is 11.3x50r and appears to be numbers matching. At least to my untrained eye. 

The action is buttery smooth and it appears to be in functioning order. After manufacture, the magazine was removed and a blanking-plate installed to make it a single shot. But it still retains its original magazine cut-off lever and functioning interrupter. 

It’s a very cool rifle with lots of history. It’s a little too old for our reference collection since we tend to focus on modern-smokeless designs. 

But if you are in the black powder game, and can source your own 11.3 brass, you will by far have the coolest black power rifle at the next meet-up.

If you wish to contact this FFL about this pistol, click here:






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