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Up close. It has that futuristic look of the atomic for sure!

I took this pic while I was at the Cody Firearms Museum a while back. Some of you may know this pistol as the Whitney Lightning or the Whitney Wolverine. It’s a 22 caliber semi-automatic that was billed under the phrase, “more modern then tomorrow”. 

The Whitney Lightning display at Cody Firearms Museum.

It is my understanding the pistol wasn’t a good seller. And as tends to happen with things that aren’t readily available, they tend to become collectible. Something the modern consumers of “custom” 1911s tend to discover if they ever go to sell them. But I digress…

Freeze kinda turned me on to these a long while back when he was looking at the Beretta NEO for a hot minute. He never picked one up. Why? The reality of the ergonomics didn’t match up with the marketing hype. At least for his size large paws. 

Up close. It has that futuristic look of the atomic for sure!

So when I see one of these, I always wonder what it would be like to shoot one? Would it be as campy as the original Buck Roger’s series? Or could it be as slick as a Star Wars Hyper-space scene? 


But I tell you this: if you ever see one featured in the Second Hand Showcase series, it’s probably already spoken for.

By me. 





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