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SHS 09: SIG Scorpion 1911

Second Hand Showcase 09: SIG Scorpion

On this episode of the Second Hand Showcase we are looking at a Sig Scorpion 1911. 

I could go on and on about all the features offered on this pistol: mag well, GI Plug, Light Rail, cool guy color, Flat Trigger, G10 type grips,  Front and rear cocking serrations, external extractor, ambidextrous safety, night sights, Commander hammer, high beavertail, yada, yada, yada…

Here’s my real point. Most guys don’t shoot much. So their used guns aren’t shot much. The last pistol I saw in a used case that was actually near being, “shot out” was a competition 1911 chambered in 40S&W. 

And guess what? It was priced appropriately and there was room to move even on that! 

The best deals are always, always, always in the used gun cases. Especially custom and semi-custom 1911s. Why? Because below them are these tier of full featured 1911s driving the prices down even further. 

Quality 1911’s are cranked out and stacked like cordwood these days. Find a used one and make a ridiculous offer. Eventually…somebody will take you up on one. 

If you wish to contact this FFL about this pistol, click here:







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