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VP9 +2 Magazine Problems

HK Vp9 plus 2 mag extensions.

Right up front,I should probably warn the viewer; if you don’t run a HK VP9 or P30 Pistol, this video is not for you. 

The reason I issue a warning is this video is long and tedious. It doesn’t have a lot of action or bring a lot of entertainment value. 

But…if you are someone who is looking to extend your HK pistol mags from the standard 15 rounds to 17+, I suspect you will find this video interesting. 

Bottom line: we bought these +2 pads for the VP guns. And they are a flaming, train-wreck. 

We are lucky to get +1 and for all that “goodness”, we get a magazine that fails to lock back when empty. 

Even further, when we convert the pads back to factory 15, we still get a lock-back issue since, we suspect, the factory springs are now compressed and taken a set. 

We are not gear reviewers. Everything you see in our videos is merely documenting what happens in the armory, during training , or on our ranges. 

Until otherwise instructed, this style of mag extension is not approved for use by our staff. 






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