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SHS 18 – Daewoo DP-51 Pistol

Second Hand Showcase 18 - Daewoo DP-51 Pistol

I found this today in my dealer’s case: A South Korean Daewoo DP-51 Pistol chambered in 9mm (9×19).

It’s an interesting pistol with a few quirks. On its face, it appears to be very similar to the S&W 39/59 series of pistol. A DA/SA service pistol.

But the quirk? This pistol after cocking the action is capable of having the hammer pushed back into the dropped position. 

But the action is still cocked. So when working the first DA pull, it feels like a long, but very, very light trigger. 

This reminds me of the aftermarket gimmick triggers that were being peddled for 1911’s to get them qualified as double-action guns for various police departments. 

That was not a successful feature standalone. And I doubt this feature did much to help the DP-51’s sales in the US. But I can admit…I will get this pistol on the timer and see how I do. I suspect I can make it work quite well. 





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