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Time to Give Up The Progressive?

Time to give up the Progressive Reloading Press?

There is nothing wrong with progressive presses. Any problems with reloading are more often than not, “software issues”.

Speaking of issues, This is the 3rd significant problem this shooter has had with progressive reloads in the past 24 months. 

I can’t speak for him definitively, but I suspect he’s going to step back from the progressive setups. He’s a fine reloader. And very, very experienced with precision handholds.

But IMO…the mental checklist is very different between single stage loading and ANY kind of progressive. 

Instead of casting stones at this video and virtue signaling to the Internet how you are perfect and he’s not? Perhaps take a quiet moment to objectively review your systems and see if your mindset matches your ability. 

And if these two factors aren’t working in harmony? Think about how long you can get away with that? 

Food for thought. Nothing more.





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