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SHS 44 – K31 w/Diopter Sights

SHS 44 - K31 With Diopter Sights
SHS 44 - K31 With Diopter Sights

So on this episode of the Second Hand Showcase we are looking a pretty neat rifle. A Swiss K31. But unlike the pallets and pallets of K31’s that have come into the US the last few years, this one was brought into the US privately. Before 1968. So it doesn’t have a import mark on it. 

But there is more. The owner of this rifle was a pretty particular shooter. While in Switzerland, he purchased some model specific diopter sights for his K31. 

It is my understanding the shooter is getting quite advanced in age and brought in many of his unused firearms for sale. 

The specifics:

  • Model: K31
  • Action: Straight Pull.
  • Caliber: 7.5 Swiss (7.5×55).
  • Imported before the 1968 GCA. 
  • Original leather sling. 
  • 1 Magazine. 
  • Condition: Used.
  • All matching serial numbers. 
  • Aftermarket diopter sight (removable).
  • Original diopter manual and inserts. 



If you wish to contact this FFL about this pistol, click here:

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