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Using a Carry Knife For Real

TDI KABAR Knife. Carry Knife. Fighting Knife. Utility Knife.
KA-BAR Carry Knife used for real.

Every once in a while I like to throw a bone to the knife fans. While nothing we do will get me invited to the blade show, at least I am consistent and intellectually honest about my knife carry  position. 

I don’t do the whole “fighting knife” vs “utility knife” thing. I’m just lucky enough to find a way to carry a knife. And if something needs to be cut, guess what? “Hey! I have a knife”. 

The pics posted in this article are from the same day. Two different tasks. The first was opening up shipping boxes of steel targets. And for those who haven’t ordered steel targets in the mail, they don’t usually arrive with lots of packing material as protection. 

They’re steel targets!

TDI KABAR Knife. Carry Knife. Fighting Knife. Utility Knife.
K31 seed. 50lb bag. I don’t know how many bags we have used. But it’s a LOT!

You are damn lucky if you get a cardboard box as the outer shell, and lots of packing tape to lock them together. Because thanks to Uncle Sugar, “If it fits? It ships” is always…ALWAYS in play with steel targets. 

TDI KABAR Knife. Carry Knife. Fighting Knife. Utility Knife.
Brenda Wyatt looking at your perfect blade. This is a fetish.

So…to open them up, you are dragging your knife across AR500 steel and industrial packing tape. Not sure what that does to the blades, but can guess the Hot-Chick from Highlander isn’t going to show up enthralled that your steel has been folded 500 times! 

To even pile on, later that day I was seeding the rifle range. And those heavy duty, polymer bags of Kentucky 31 aren’t going to open themselves! 

I can hear it now. The knife nerds are going to complain that my knife is ruined, dull or somehow going to get me, “Kilt on da streetz”. But take heart, you peacocking Spaniard! I have someone who sharpens the knife for me from time to time!

TDI KABAR Knife. Carry Knife. Fighting Knife. Utility Knife.
I don’t agree with carrying two knifes: One is for fighting and one is utility. I think that’s fake, fantasy. You’ll fight with what you have. Get in the habit of wearing it.Just like your seat belt. You don’t plan on needed it. It happens.

Why? Because I don’t fetishize knives. 







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