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SHS 57: Ruger Model 44 Carbine

SHS57 Ruger Model 44
SHS57 Ruger Model 44

If you are a fan of the 10/22 but always wanted it in a bigger caliber? Then this could be the gun for you:

  • Make: Ruger.
  • Model: 44 Carbine.
  • Caliber: 44 Magnum.
  • Capacity: 4+1.
  • Action: Semi-Auto.
  • Sights: Buckhorn style / brass bead.
  • Finish: Blued.
  • Buttplate: Factory plastic. 

Not really sure, but I suspect the previous owner was either a collector of guns in general or perhaps Ruger’s in particular? Because this little carbine seems hardly used. With only one scratch on the stock. 

Considering it currently resides in Ohio, a notorious pistol caliber hunting state? I can’t figure out any other reason why this is so minty. 


If you wish to contact the FFL directly about this carbine, click here:







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