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SHS-67: Red Jacket AK-47

Red Jacket Firearms
SHS-67 Red Jacket Firearms AK.

What we have here is a rifle out of a shop I have never handled before. An AK-47 gone over by Red Jacket Firearms out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

It is my understanding that Red Jacket had quite the reputation for quality AK work back in the day. So this piqued my interest. The stats:


  • Make: Red Jacket / DC Industries
  • Model: NDS-1P – AK-47
  • Caliber: 7.62×39
  • Stock: Underfolder. 
  • Fit: Tight, not loose. 
  • Sights: AK standard Irons.
  • Trigger: Superb. Upgraded. 
  • Rifle condition: Used. 
  • Metal condition: Excellent slightly used.
  • Furniture condition: Excellent, lightly sanded.
  • Magazines: 30rd x4 included. 

If you wish to contact the FFL about this rifle, click here:







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