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SHS-66: Rock River Arms LAR-9

Second Hand Showcase: 9mm AR-15
SHS-66: Rock River Arms LAR-9. 9mm AR-15.

What we have here is a carbine format I was super hot on about 25 years ago. The 9mm AR-15 carbine. Back in the day, getting an AR-15 in 9mm was always kind of a kludge. But now you can buy them pretty much off the shelf. At reasonable prices. 

This RRA LAR-9 being a perfect example:

  • Model: LAR-9
  • Make: Rock River Arms.
  • Caliber: 9mm / 9×19
  • Condition: Like new. 
  • Magazine type: Colt SMG 
  • Barrel length: 16”
  • Bolt Hold Open: Yes.
  • Magazines included: Two: 1-32rd, 1-20rd. 
  • Stock: Adjustable M4 style. 
  • Receiver format: Dedicated 9mm only. 
  • Upper format: 1913 Flattop. 
  • Ambi: No.
  • Charging handle: Single sided GI. 
  • Sights: None.
  • Trigger: Factory GI. 
  • Muzzle device: Birdcage. 
  • Misc notes: Castle nut appears to be set with Loctite, not peened. User should confirm. 



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