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SIG 551a1 100y Zero

SIG 551a1 100y zero.
SIG 551a1

As I intimated a few months ago, we are converting all reference and working tac rifles back to 100 yard zeros. While the 25, 30 & 50 yard zeros are cool, it’s too much for my low-IQ brain to remember which rifle has what zero, and what holds I should be using out to distance. 

SIG 551a1 100y zero.
Always handy to have shorty mags when zeroing. I think a lot of shooters neglect that. 30s are great. But don’t forget the utility of a shorty.

From now on, I will just deal with off-set inclose and shoot one ballistic arc out to distance. Even when comparing a 10” barrel to a 20” barrel, it makes sense (to me) out to range. 

SIG 551a1 100y zero.
[For the gun forum crowd]: Obviously SIG’s quality control is slipping and I got a Friday Finish. 😜😂
So 551a1 is done. Also…we are working on having permanent target cameras setup for rifle videos. Which would make posts like this more interesting. 






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