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SIG P-210 Carry
SIG P210 Carry - Left Quarter.

Looks like SIG is doubling down on their fantastic P210 re-pop. This time with a more modern take: Alloy frame. Lower profile rear sights. Front serrations. G10 grips and a shorter slide and barrel. 

We already have the P210 Target. The regular version’s grip was a little too small for my hands. When I run across one of these carry models, I am very curious to see how it fits and feels. 

Also…I have to give it to SIG. They developed the MCX / MPX guns. The P320 line which now got them the US Service Pistol contract. The market bending P365 carry gun. Apparently they are also in the lead with with the US Army’s 6.8 rifle and LMG program. 

And they still have the bandwidth to make, what is basically, a niche gun for the well heeled collector. 


My advice with this is the same as with the original P210 reproduction: If you are so inclined, better buy it now. No way SIG carries these guns forever. 






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