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WWI 1911 Assessment

WWI Colt 1911. 1914 Production. US GI Colt.
WWI Colt 1911. 1914 Production. US GI Colt.

The 1914 Colt 1911 project has begun. And every project begins with an assessment of what is working and what needs to be replaced. 


A couple of takeaways:

  1. Some things are not as bad as I would have guessed,. 
  2. It appears someone has been in the gun in the recent past. 
  3. I’m 50/50 on the sear / hammer hook interface. If I can get a serviceable trigger pull that passes a safety check, we will call that done. A pretty low bar in reality. 
  4. Thumb safety fit will be effected by what happens at #3.
  5. Super surprised by the relative good condition of the extractor hook. While it’s nothing compared to what we fab and fit today, it’s period appropriate. So hoping we can keep that. 
  6. The firing pin stop has almost completely failed. A large chip has fallen off the face, and a subsequent crack has propagated completely through the part. Item will have to be replaced before it separates under recoil; sending the firing pin and spring flying out the back of the gun. 
  7. Firing Pin serviceable. 
  8. Bushing serviceable. 
  9. Barrel seems original and serviceable. 
  10. Plunger tube is 100% not staked. Someone has been in before me. 
  11. Slide-stop seems serviceable. Lobe appears to be intact. But I will need to confirm fit through link and legs later. 
  12. Breech face is damaged from flathead screw. I will leave it for now. If function issues appear, we will try to dress any high point from damage. Alert: Watch out for primer flow because of damage. 
  13. Overall, frame and slide rails appear serviceable. 


First: To return the pistol into functioning condition with as as many original parts as possible. All replacement parts will need to be sourced as WWI period correct specs. 

Second: Once all WWI parts are replaced or fitted back to spec, try to get the pistol function somewhat normally. Once done, the old Colt will be returned to it’s shadow box on a wall to live in stasis. 




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