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SIG P210 Trigger Pull Weight

SIG P210 Target Trigger Pull Weight.
SIG P210 Target Trigger Pull Weight.

We’ve had a few inquires about the trigger pull weight on the SIG P210 Target. Not being really sure what it was, I did some casual looking on the internet. 

In more than one location, I saw people claiming their P210 Target has a 2 pound trigger. One was claiming he “felt” his trigger was under 2 pounds! Well…I can’t speak for all P210’s out in the wild, but I knew ours was no where near that low. 

Additionally, I see 1911 users continually guess the triggers on their favorite blasters to be much lighter then they mechanically are. Some of it can be chalked up to a lack of exposure to triggers of that class. The rest…is likely confusion between clean, smooth and roll-triggers. 

I suspect the SIG owners have the same problem. 

When all you know about triggers is a weight number, every “good” trigger gets assumed to have lighter and lighter pull weight. 

No. It doesn’t work like that. 





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