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S&W 4506-1 Reliability
S&W 4506-1 Reliability

Kraken demos his 4506-1 eating empty cases from slide lock. Back in the day, something like this was a public relations selling point. Why? Reliability of semiautomatics was a big concern in a lot of circles. Especially amongst the duty-wheel-gun crowd. 

This problem will seem foreign to most of our viewers today. But one has to remember, most of you grew up in the shadow of Glock’s success. Back then a lot of people just, “couldn’t trust an auto”. And, “wheel guns NEVER jam”. 

Neither statement of course is true. But it was a different time. 

Also don’t even mention the subject of hollow point ammunition, shape and ogive tech. And expecting THAT to feed in autos reliably. That is almost a bridge too far. 

So a Smith & Wesson police rep demoing a gun feeding empty brass from slide lock?! To a bunch of wheel gun guys! Talk about making an impression. 

“How’d they do that? Dunno. Must be a special trick”.




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