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Some thoughts on Jade Helm 15


What does Jade Helm 15 teach US citizens about how foreign allies feel about the United States?


For many years, military commanders and politicians have had to manage the complaints and concerns of locals in such places at South Korea, Okinawa, West Germany / Germany.

An old friend of mine who was a Tank Commander in West Germany talked about a compensation scale for locals if they ran over a chicken. The money included the unborn off-spring for X-number of generations. It was such a common event that the process was almost turn-key.

Another Tanker, this time a LTC, talked of an incident that resulted in the destruction of a local’s barn when a tank was trying to evade a simulated attack by an OPFOR helicopter. As I recall, the tank literally run up into the barn looking for concealment.

A big old check was stroked out for that as well. I supported those training cycles and still support them. Even now. But let’s be real. With all the wringing of hands in certain circles over Jade Helm 15; there are some old civilians in South Korea and Germany grinning: BOHICA, Sucker.



M1 Tanks on rail
M1 Tanks being transported by rail in United States