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Tour of AIM Warehouse


There has been great interest in the latest raffle gun. The hand-picked Mosin-Nagant Russian Sniper. Many are inquiring as to how we came in possession of the rifle? Which is fair. Here is the back-story.

AIM Instake Station
AIM Instake Station

To be completely honest, it was almost by accident. Tacticaltshirts Staff had prior business at AIM and some of us hadn’t been though the warehouse. So while paperwork was filed and trucks were being loaded, Erik was kind enough to give us the nickel tour. Immediately Freeze noticed Mosin-Snipers in their crates.

You just have to know Freeze, but he is a huge Russian MILSURP collector. Actually he is considered A SME on the genre. But at that moment, I could see he was doing everything emotionally possible to fight the urge to run across the building to the intake / inspection station.

photo 2f
Russian Sniper Fresh Out Of Crate.


Luckily for him, we ended up over there just moments later. Erik casually offered to let him look though some crates, and I am still impressed with the outward coolness Freeze exhibited as he…literally sauntered over… to take him up on the offer. At the time, none of the Mosin’s were ready for sale. AIM hadn’t catalogued, sorted and organized the rifles. And no info was posted on their website. In short…not for sale. At least not yet.


Over the next few months, Freeze would mentioned that Mosin collection up at AIM. So it was defiantly on our radar for personal acquisition. And when we gave away the HK VP9 LE pistol, this just made sense. So..up to AIM we went and they were nice enough to let us rummage through their hand-picked pile.


In closing, I am throwing in a picture from the boss’ office at AIM. This wall is from his personal collection. I guess when you run one of the this country’s largest MILSURP wholesale / Import shops; you REALLY get fist pick. This wall is what I found distracting while trying to have business conversations.


AIM Office Wall
The Boss’ wall at AIM Surplus. Private collection



That’s just about it. Thanks for checking in.




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