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Steven’s 22-410 First Shots

Steven’s 22-410 first shots.
Steven’s 22-410 first shots.

This project has been delayed while we’re going through some major range changes: new tractor, new attachments and a new barn. So…now that has settled down, here we are.

A used (obviously) Steven’s 22-410 break-open, single shot, small game gun. The top barrel is 22LR and the bottom is 3” 410 shot-shells. 

So why is it broken you ask? Well as soon as I started to use the rimfire barrel, the ejector backed out and rotated to a point the user can’t close the action. 

Look, we aren’t shooting Water Buffalo here so it’s no great shakes in the grand scheme of things. But it is now another “gun project” we need to wade through to get off the to-do list. 

I am hopeful we can just crack the screws and reset the ejector without having to resort to major gunsmith work or the pain of trying to source out of production parts. 

Stay tuned. 






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