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Surefire MR07 Light Rail

Surefire MR07 Light Rail
Surefire MR07 Light Rail. Ed Brown. 1911 9mm. Executive Target. Two Tone.

Back in the bad ole days, we didn’t have all the rail options you do now. As a matter of fact, most gun owners were against hanging lights off guns!  

This was doubly so when it came to the traditional 1911 pistol customer. 

But that wasn’t going to stop Surefire from figuring out a way to sell them weapon lights. Thus was born the MR07. This is a bolt-on rail that uses a Surefire suppled slide-stop.

More importantly, no modifications to the pistol were necessary. 

Bought this probably 15 or maybe close to 20 years ago. Never really used it. Frankly, as of this writing I am not 100 positive it will work on a 9mm 1911. There is a difference between a 9mm and 45 caliber slide-stop. 

But no worries. I have a plan. 






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