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We Gotta Talk - 2024

Ammo Availability 2024

Things are quiet. Too quiet considering all of the issues dominating the world in 2024. I suggest you look at this time as the...

Rant – Beating the Price Gougers

So…we are finally starting to go onto the open market to source ammo. But at these prices, we have decided to give friends first...

EP-201: The Major O

Episode 201 is in the can. We let this one good a little long since we are behind a bit episode wise: Old men...

EP-194: Will Trump Bomb Iran?

Episode 194 of the John1911 Podcast is now live: Will Trump Bomb Iran? Sig Cross rifle recall. Why the BATFE hates braces. Gen. Flynn...

EP166 – Freeze Has It: Crack AIDS

Ep166 of the John1911.com Podcast: Freeze has Crack AIDS. The ammo shortage. Walmart HAZMAT Attack. LA run on gun stores. Gillum Meth story. New...