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Battery life on truck gun.

RDS / Scope Battery Change

Last year I started to put the change date on optic batteries. The Aimpoint shown here hasn’t died, but it is dim. So that...
Poacher Patrol 2020.

Poacher Patrol 2020

In the last week of gun season, I make it a habit to patrol the property for trespassers and poachers. You would think opening...
Aimpoint 6x Project

Aimpoint 6x Project

After taking a LE carbine course, I determined the need for some magnification on my truck gun. A BCM Keymod upper.  Additionally the GEMTECH Integra...

Radian Safety & MFT Stock

I have decided to go full-bore with changing the truck-gun from a SCAR-16 to the, “Officer Mike Rifle”. So on his advice, I switched...

BCM Upper Testing

A few weeks ago we showed a photo of Officer Mike’s patrol rifle. I was so impressed with it’s lightweight and handiness, we decided...