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Cobray M11 Spring & Buffer Change.

Cobray M11 Rebuild

Ok. Not quite a complete rebuild, but not that far off either. We took this Cobray in as a used pistol and it seems...
The John1911 Podcast

EP-279: We Are Opening A Store!

Episode 279 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:   Hunting season is over. Rifle Range work completed. Cobray M11 project finished. Benelli B76 project...
Cobray M11 Function Test

Cobray Re-Spring Test

Cobray M-11 Function Test 2 OK. So after a spring and buffer rebuild, it’s time to function test this gun; so we can box it...
Cobray M11 Buffer Inspection

Cobray M11 Buffer Inspection

As a general term of art, I call all these guns MAC-10’s. But the reality is much more complicated. The originals were made by...
MAC-10, Cobray M11

Cobray M11 Function Test

Cobray M11 Function Test As some of you are aware, we have a new video on the range testing cameras, equipment and software edits. It’s...
M-11 MAC-10

POTD – Cobray M-11

We’ve had this pistol in the reference collection for at least 4 years. According to our records anyway. And you know what? We have...

SHS 03: Cobray M11

SHS 03: Cobray M11 In this episode of the second hand showcase we feature a gun that was almost mythological in the 1980s: the Cobray...