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2024 4” Stainless Colt Python Revolver.

2024 Colt Python First Shots

Surprise! Surprise! We found a 4” Python on the secondary market. Instantly we acquired it for the library.  But don’t kid yourselves, this will be...
Stainless Steel Colt Python 4.25”

POTD – Colt Python Estate Pickup

POTD - Colt Python Estate Pickup Referenced this on the podcast. On our long term to buy list was one of the reproduction Colt Pythons....
The 2020 Colt Python. My thoughts.

Opinion: The 2020 Colt Python

We’ve all heard the rumors for years. And now it seems they are coming to fruition. Colt Firearms is re-releasing the Python series of...
POTD - Another Colt Python 1

POTD – Another Colt Python

I keep an eye out for Pythons since we are in the market for a shooter grade example. This one is “better” or well…actually...
Colt Trooper MK III Revolver.

SHS 53: Colt Trooper MK III Unfired

What we have here is a pretty unique gun. For two reasons. The first being it originates from a time when the go-to handgun...

SHS 13: Colt Official Police 

What we have here is a somewhat large revolver chambered in 38SPL. I do not know the date of manufacture for this handgun, but...