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EP145 – Sheriff of Baghdad – Carbine Class AAR

Ep145 of the John1911 Podcast is gong to be a little different. Last week I had the chance to attend a John "Shrek" McFee...

Why SOCOM Wants a 300Blk

The news today is SOCOM has put out a RFP for a very short, very light, 300 blackout (300blk) M4 pattern rifle. They also...

Rifles Seen at 2016 Ft. Benning Sniper Challenge

A followup to the handguns seen at the Sniper Challenge, here are some pictures of the rifles and scopes at same. Some of the...

Glock is Already the Military Service Pistol

The fix is in. I thought maybe with the rumors about the SIG P320 being the FBI favorite, things would change? But the FBI just...
MSG. Joshua Wheeler, USA. KIA

A “Nobody” From Oklahoma: The Career of MSG. Joshua Wheeler

"Sweet Mother of God. Would you look at that?", a co-worker mumbled as he handed me a copy of MSG. Wheeler's official DoD photo. "Yeah,...