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Ep 122- Galils Return, Hudson Dies, Winchester 350 Legend

Episode 122 of the John1911 Podcast is now live. Hudson MFG has imploded. Steyr M9 Pistol. Freeze see's a crazy AR-15 mistake. ATI is...

EP87 – 45/70 Martini Returns, Line Throwing Cannons and Phantom Poopers

On this Episode of the John1911 Podcast   The custom 45/70 Martini-Henry returns. Franklin Armory update. Crazy Spiderman in NYC (Shhh…he's not crazy) Remington subsonic...

Podcast Rant -Franklin Armory Thoughts

Franklin Armory reached out and wanted a clarification about their protected IP. Which is fair. But that also gives me a chance to ask...