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POTD – Glock 21 Cutaway

I took this photo at the Cody Firearms Museum a while back. Who doesn’t have an affinity for cut-away guns?   Sincerely,  Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Ep90 – Gun Giveaways are Back, A New Video Series

Episode 90 of the John1911 Podcast is now live. Here are the topics we discuss:   Gun Giveaways are back. It's a Glock Gen3 G21...

FDE vs Grey Glocks

Henry Ford famously said when talking about one of his mass-produced cars, “You can have any color you want as long as it’s black”....

The US Army Wants New Pistol To Shoot Hollow Points

Personal Opinion. The US Army and the DOD writ large allowing hollow point ammunition for service use has been a long time coming. The...

Sighting in Glocks

Like many of you, I am very busy. Between work and trainings, it can be hard to find time for the low priority to-do...