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PSA upper. Palmetto State Armory AR-15 Upper.

PSA 16″ Upper

I ran across a pretty good deal on an AR15 complete parts kit. Palmetto State Arsenal was running a sale and I jumped on...

Parts Kit Analysis: BREN Gun

Q: This is bad, correct? —Marky — A:Correct it looks bad! The seller seems to be focused on selling everything but the receiver.  Not really any good...


I had asked Matt to give us an analysis of the viability of buying this. He waved us off. —Editor This auction is for a...

7.62×39 AR Upper

I just picked up a new upper. It has a 16 inch barrel with a 15 inch lightweight keypad hand guard. Chambered in 7.62x39....

Bad News BREN

We have an update on the BREN dummy gun. Initially we had hoped the 07 could bring it back to life as a semi-auto....