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First Shots Harvester 30 Suppressor Silencerco

Man Plays With Cans

Get your mind out of the gutter! This is a first shots video with the new Silencerco Harvester 30 suppressor.  The good news is no...

Ep142 – My First Suppressor, AA-12 Verboten and GRS Stocks.

Episode 142 of the John1911 Podcast   EP142 Silencerco Harvester 30 has arrived. Custom Blaser Tactical 2 barrels? The "poop" newsletter. ATF says AA-12 shotguns too...
Getting that first NFA tax stamp.

Suppressor – Getting That First Tax Stamp

I have been around guns most of my life. Additionally I have been in the industry for quite a long time. Hell! Being around...