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Geissele Super 42 Buffer

Geissele Super 42 Buffer Upgrade

Been A LOT of workbench posts lately, but maintaining and completing projects necessitates that.  The Gemtech Integra upper has shown some signs of being under-sprung....
Trying the splits with the Geissele SD-3G trigger.

Geissele Trigger Splits

Picking the Gemtech Integra project back up. And that means running the Geissele SD-3G trigger. Well for me that takes practice. This is what...
Video Short - Gemtech Integra Run & Gun

Video Short – Gemtech Integra VTAC Run

So we have the film guys back out in the range trying to pickup where we left off last year. Been shooting the Gemtech...
Gemtech Integra 556

Gemtech Integra Coming Back

This project has languished for 3 years. The Gemtech Integra upper. Well it’s time to move it up and get it running right. So...
10 Hours in the range

10 Hours On The Range

This was a long day. The first half we hosted some shooters who were putting in their time.  What happens when they are done and...
One Day at a Time - Breaking in the Gemtech Integra

One Day At a Time

New gear is new. New skills aren’t skills. They’re aspirations. The only way to overcome these limitations is to dive in and just work...
Gemtech Integra first shots, first impressions.

Gemtech Integra First Impressions

In a word: Favorable.  The upper is lighter than I would have expected. The gas to the shooters face is almost NIL. And it seems...
Gemtech Intergra Suppressed Upper.

Gemtech Integra First Shots

If you follow some of our social media accounts, you are likely aware that we have taken possession of a Gemtech Integra integrally suppressed...
POTD - Gemtech Integra Suppressed Upper.

POTD – Gemtech Integra Arrives

Now I have a suppressed upper! Ho-Ho-Ho! -Marky #john1911 #gemtechintegra #gemtechsilencer @gemtechsuppressors     Sincerely,  Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”