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RFI Enfield

A NATO Enfield

How do you 100% solve rim lock in an Enfield rifle? Simple. Shoot one chambered in 7.62 NATO!  😎 Just out blowing the dust off the...
Ishapore 2a1 Enfield

POTD – Ishapore 2A1 Enfield

Had the Ishapore 2a1 out for a bit last week. —Marky #john1911 #ishapore2a1 #enfield #762 #milsurp     Sincerely,  Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

POTD — Elephant Hit By Train

This photo is from 2013 in NE India. News reports are the full grown Tusker was crossing some railroad tracks when it was stuck....

308 Indian Enfield

I was looking at e-mails from one of my big time gun sources and noticed their 303 Brit ammo was 40% more expensive than...