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Model 12 Trench Gun

Winchester Model 12 Trench Gun

Ok. Before the collectors come at me with pitchforks and tar, let’s start off the bat by saying this shotgun isn’t a real Model...
Rhodesian A5 Shotgun.

Rhodesian A5 Shotgun

Some folks on Facebook saw we have a Rhodesian Army, Browning A5 shotgun and inquired about it.  These were ordered through FN in Belgium. Shipped...

SPAS-12 Reproduction Sling

The final item in the SPAS-12 “project” (Nod to the actual SPAS-12 Project — SPAS-12.com) is a reproduction “correct” sling. The good news is...

Replacing Buffer on SPAS-12 Shotgun

Here is a time-lapse video showing how to install a replacement buffer in a Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun. It took me 12 minutes and this...