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FN 1922. FN Model 1922. FNH 380.

POTD – FN 1922

These old FN guns have an interesting and unique approach to ergonomics we don’t see much anymore. One wonders with modern 380 ammo, if...

SHS 30 – Walther PPK 32ACP

What we have here is a German made, pre-1968 GCA import, Walther PPK chambered in 32ACP. This pistol is in immaculate condition. Has original box,...

POTD – Colt 1903 Pistol

The only reason I didn’t buy this pistol is because of the caliber: 32acp. That is not a caliber I support. Simple as that.  But..this...

S&W 22 Mag J-Frame

I have been eyeing these 22 Magnum J-frames for a while. Which seems strange to my old co-workers. You see, I once…now infamously…said to...