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AIM Surplus Showroom Visit.

AIM Surplus Visit

Stopped in AIM Surplus to pick up some extra ammo real quick for the Kraken visit. They have REALLY upgraded their showroom for the...
Bernardelli P.One Magazine.

Bernardelli P. One Magazines

PSA. If you are in the market for a Bernardelli pistol and you find a seller who has a pile of them for extra?...
HK P9S Police Surplus.

HK P9S Police Surplus

Centerfire Systems was blowing out some foreign police surplus pistols. The HK P9S.  Don’t know much about these, but the price was too good to...
Manurhin MR88 First Shots

Manurhin MR-88 First Shots

So…today was the day to take out the Manurhin MR88 revolver. It’s a French police model that was brought into the US as surplus.  For...