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PRS Steel Target

Small Diamond Steel Targets

Special thanks to Superior Ideas Targets for making us some small diamond, precision rifle targets. Money well spent as always.        Sincerely,  Marky www.John1911.com “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

EP91 – SI Targets Impress, De Blasio Staffer Busted, Stormy Daniels...

On Episode 91 of the John1911 Podcast:   The SI Extreme Angle Target impressed with 308. Is HMG still making the STG44 clone or not? ...

Close Range Steel Testing: 308 Caliber.

So Freeze and I needed to test the High-Angled Target with something closer to worst case scenario: 308 / 7.62 NATO at 80 and then...

Close Range Steel Safety Testing

So we are working on getting the upper range finished. And one thing that has been a nagging issue up there is steel that...